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Summer Fourteen

Blue Hazard’s fourteenth summer is upon us. We have a good list of shows and look forward to assembling more dates and locations where you can come see us soon. We also have added several new songs to our set list. Come out and hear some of the new songs soon. We will feature some traditional songs, contemporary songs, and original songs. We are excited for the next several months and appreciate all of your support. Rock/Bluegtrass on!

Thanks for a Great Summer!

Fall has arrived and that means that the summer tour has been completed. We are very grateful for everyone’s support at our shows during the summer. We had a wonderful time and a progressive three months. We want to thank the people involved in our performances at the Fine Line Music Cafe, Monticello Lions Brewfest, Brookside Bar and Grill, Uptown Art Fair, RECFEST Bluegrass Festival, Motley’s Two River Music Festival, and Wild Tymes. We also thank and wish happy marriages to the brides and grooms of the four weddings we performed for. If you want to see us again soon, please visit our Tour Dates page. We have a few shows in November and we would love to see you there!

Singing through Soterion Sound

In every great band there is a band member that goes unnoticed.In every band there is a member that ends up doing all of the work behind the scenes and is arguably the most important member of the band. The most overlooked aspect of any great show is the sound man. The band controls what is put into the sound system but every good part of the band can be lost if the sound man is incapable or unreliable at the mixing board. Blue Hazard is very fortunate to have a wonderful sound man. Hazard is thrilled to announce that they have partnered with Soterion Sound from the Twin Cities to operate their sound. The band no longer will be relied upon to perform and run their own sound, rather, Soterion has promised them precision, ease, and enjoyment throughout the entire show. Blue Hazard has played shows with Soterion before and they have done an excellent job. Next time you attend a Blue Hazard concert at a venue that does not have its own PA, make sure to look back and thank Soterion Sound for their great work. More information about Soterion Sound can be found at their website: or on Facebook

Blue Hazard on the Radio!

Blue Hazard would like to thank Phil Nusbaum, KBEM 88.5 FM, and Bluegrass Saturday Morning for playing two songs off of our latest album! Nusbaum aired “Remembrance” and “Don’t Stop” from This World of Mine the past two Saturdays.

Phil Nusbaum’s program (Bluegrass Saturday Morning) can be heard every Saturday morning on 88.5 FM and the program website is here.

Call and email Bluegrass Saturday Morning with requests for Blue Hazard if you would like to hear more and if you are interested in hearing our entire CD then please visit the
Blue Hazard Store.

The Great Transition

Due to Blue Hazard’s recent performances at louder venues and hopes for more shows at louder venues, the band is thrilled to announce that they have installed pickups into each of their instruments and will use them as amplification instead of microphones on microphone stands. What does this mean you might ask? It means many of things. 1) No more feedback from any of our instruments. 2) The ability to add certain effects to our live shows to make it as close to “This World of Mine” as possible. 3) The freedom to move around across the stage and still be heard. 4) The ability to amplify our show much, much louder. And Finally, 5) We have a lot of work to do to master our new equipment. We made sure to purchase the highest quality equipment to preserve the absolute most natural acoustic sound we can. We love hearing the pure sound of our music and we have tried to preserve it as best as possible. If you haven’t heard us perform in a while then come out and see our new show. We are now free to play every and any venue and because of this fact, are thoroughly thrilled.